Room reservation - Picnic Park, Kapchagay

Thank You for choosing "Picnic Park" to relax. Please read the RULES of the STAY on the area: - S/o not allowed visitors with skin diseases; - Not allowed to be brought into the territory of any types of weapons and poison gas, flammable explosive substance; - Administration W/a "Picnic Park" has the right to refuse entry and service without explanation; - Smoking is not permitted in the hotel rooms; - Non-Smoking – only in designated areas; - Guests W/a "Picnic Park" needs to behave correctly, avoid the censorship of expressions and behaviors that violate the stay of other Guests; - To comply with the requirements of the administration and staff recreation areas; - In case of failure of the Guest due to weather, or otherwise, does not depend on z/a "Picnic Park" conditions, a refund is not possible; - Transfer the rest to another person is not allowed; - Guests outside the territory W/o asking to take the "token out" from the administrator; The administration is not responsible for the safekeeping of jewelry and personal items. Valuables You can store administrator; - Do not leave young children at swimming pools and water slides without supervision; - Please do not reserve sun beds, leaving personal items not to be in the pool area without a bathing suit; - Not allowed to use personal kettles and electric cookers; - Do not use in the sauna, aromatic substances and liquids, bring and use your own brooms for bathing; - To observe safety rules on water slides: - Start the movement on the water slides, only making sure that the previous person left the sector exit slides; - Not allowed to ride the waterslides drunk, standing on his feet and head forward; - Pool opening times to 21.00 - Please take note: the depth of the big pool 1m 70cm; the depth of the pool in the reception area slides – 0,9-1m 35cm; - When using imported products please note that the fridge You are allocated one shelf in one room of the hotel, and one-time dishes for your personal products can be purchased at the bar on a paid basis; - Entrance to the territory of persons not residing in the area, is limited to 20.00; - Check-out time 14.00 of the departure - The reception and accommodation of guests be available until 23 hours; Deciding to relax in the "Picnic Park" You assume the obligation to comply with these rules. Enjoy your holiday!